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Management NZ: Beyond performance to value, in thinking about women’s leadership

A financial focus is unlikely to capture all the value a leader might generate, writes...

Siobhan McKenna

Stuff: Why the fuss for a female appointment?

Why should it matter that Spark's incoming chief executive officer is a woman? One day,...


Newsroom: The mana of Simon Moutter

Simon Moutter’s leadership at Spark was all about change. Under Moutter, the telco changed its...

Justine and Jolie

Newsroom: The right woman for the job

Spark announces Jolie Hodson will replace Simon Moutter as CEO

Sarah Sinclair

Want to change? Then start something different

MinterEllisonRuddWatts’ Sarah Sinclair talks about gender diversity and wellbeing in New Zealand’s legal market.


Stuff: Balance is not just better for women

Diversity of thinking increases company productivity, innovation, staff engagement and retention.


TVNZ: Do you have unconscious gender bias in your workplace?

A leadership group focused on diversity and inclusion is asking workplaces to take a hard...

Paul Wilson1

Idealog: Champions for Change tackle unconscious bias

Workplaces are being called on to take a hard look at unconscious gender bias in...


Scoop: Stuff gets DVFREE accredited and stands up against violence

Stuff is the latest Kiwi organisation, and fourth employer overall, to become DVFREE Tick...


RNZ: Engineering firms struggle to hire diverse workforce

Engineering companies are improving diversity, but while they are hiring more female graduates, they are...


Stuff: PwC aims for 40 per cent women in senior roles

PwC has set 40:40:20 gender targets for senior positions: 40 per cent men, 40 per...

Miranda Burdon

Stuff: The lack of women on boards

Global Women's count of 27 boards with no female directors was embarrassing for a country...

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Scoop: Milestone for women in Police

The number of full-time equivalent female Constabulary officers reaches 2000 for the first time in...


Scoop: Contact Energy certified with the Rainbow Tick

Contact Energy’s reputation as a safe and inclusive work environment for all its staff has...

Anna stove

Scoop: Sponsors Key to Career Advancement for Women

To achieve professional advancement both women and men need to better understand the role of...


Scoop: New Zealand law firm wins Asia Pacific diversity awards

MinterEllisonRuddWatts commitment to greater gender diversity in the legal profession was celebrated at the Euromoney...

Championing Change at Heartland Bank

Hear from Heartland Bank employees and CEO Jeff Greenslade on why diversity is important, how...


NZ Herald: SKYCITY wins Deloitte Top 200 Award

Tahuna te Ahi is the diversity and inclusion strategy which focuses on women in leadership...

Michele Embling

NZ Herald: Largest workplace gender survey shows huge gap at the top

Largest workplace gender survey shows huge gap at the top

David McLean2

Stuff: Massive gender survey shows where women dip out of leadership

Massive gender survey shows where women dip out of leadership

Lloyd Kavanagh2

Voxy: Senior Associate appointed to Culture Change Taskforce

Julia Batchelor-Smith, a Senior Associate at MinterEllisonRuddWatts has been appointed to the New Zealand Law...

Simon Moutter4

Stuff: Tears of the chief executive

Simon Moutter revisits his learnings and speaks about how much has changed at Spark.

Rob Campbell2

SKYCITY: Equal Pay Ambassador

As a YWCA Equal Pay Ambassador, Rob Campbell is committed to addressing the gender pay...


NZ Management: Contact Energy - Investing in diversity

CEO Dennis Barnes writes that they had a sharp wake-up call that started the company...

Simon Moutter3

NZ Herald: Facing uncomfortable truths

Spark managing director Simon Moutter speaks about facing uncomfortable truths on diversity and inclusion, at...

BNZ: All roles flexible

Champion and CEO BNZ Anthony Healy shares his insights on flexibility, and how to ensurean...

Implementing flexibility at Westpac

Champion and CEO of Westpac David McLean shares lessons for leaders who want to implement...

Managing the challenges of workplace flexibility

Champions speak about the challenges in implementing flexibility strategies, and the need to lead from...

The impact of workplace flexibility on business

Champions speak on flexibility as an enabler for increased engagement and diversity.

The importance of leading from the top

Champions speak about the importance of leading from the top when implementing flexibility initiatives.

Introducing Anna Stove

Why Anna Stove is proud to be a Champion for Change

Diversity of thought

Gabriel Makhlouf shares his story on harnessing diversity of thought from The Treasury’s own...

Diversity through inclusive engagement

Hear Dame Jenny Shipley's story on how Genesis Energy delivered a direct dividend to shareholders...

What it takes to be a Champion

Dame Jenny Shipley interviews Luke Sayers, CEO PwC Australia. Luke shares his experience on what...

Diversity through empathy

MNZM, Commissioner of Police and Champion for Change Mike Bush, shares how NZ Police's Turning...

The importance of workplace flexibility

Champions speak on flexibility as an enabler for increased engagement and diversity.

The Inclusive Auckland Framework

A summary from Stephen Town and the team at Auckland Council on their Inclusive Auckland...


The Spinoff: The growing need for Asian leaders in NZ businesses

Mai Chen on the growing need for Asian leaders in New Zealand businesses.

Rob Campbell3

NZ Herald: Deloitte Top 200 Chairperson of the Year

Rob Campbell's track record of financial results in the companies he chairs over lengthy periods...


NBR: Treasury's 60:40 diversity target

The government's lead policy advisor wants to achieve diversity of thought.


Stuff: Increasing diversity a business problem

New Zealand businesses are being told, if they want to develop women into the highest...

International Women’s Day 2017

Simon O'Connor, Managing Partner EY New Zealand, opens the evening at Global Women's 2017 International...

David McLean

Fast Four Questions with David McLean

David McLean, Champion for Change and CEO at Westpac, discusses the insights he has gained...

VittoriaShortt ScaleWidthWzk4NF0

Fast Four Questions with Vittoria Shortt

Vittoria discusses the benefits and challenges of balancing, caring and working.

Simon OConnor

Fast Four Questions with Simon O'Connor

We grabbed five minutes with Champion for Change and New Zealand Managing Partner Simon O'Connor...

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Fast Four Questions with Graeme Stephens

In the week of International Women's Day, we sat down with CEO Graeme Stephens to...

Kate McKenzie

Fast Four Questions with Kate McKenzie

When Kate McKenzie started as Chorus chief executive one year ago, she also became the...

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NZ Management: Diversity of face and of thought

Homogeneity, or working out a solution on your own or with someone similar to yourself,...


NZ Herald: No barriers to gender equity

A group of eight business leaders attended the inaugural Global Women Roundtable series, which was...

Marc England

Reimagining Diversity at Genesis

Three out of eight of Genesis Energy’s executive leadership team are women but CEO and...

Press for progress: International Women's Day 2018

Founder of Super Diverse Women, Mai Chen opens the evening at Global Women's 2018 International...


Why I'm a male Champion for Change

Jason Walker discusses the reasons behind being a male Champion for Change.

Introducing David Pralong

McKinsey & Co Director David Pralong is one of around 50 business leaders to pledge...


TVNZ: Rugby has such a strong position in NZ

Steve Tew says diversity campaign the tip of the iceberg for NZR leading societal...

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10 Questions with Alison Andrew

The Ministry for Women interview Alison from Transpower for their 'Inspiring Women' feature.


Women in Leadership: Alison Andrew

Alison Andrew shares her journey from a young engineer to the strong business leader she...

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NZ Management: Merit discourse not always helpful

When discussions around diversity fire up, it doesn’t usually take long for the word “merit”...

Throwing a rock at the tiger

The ability to adapt has become crucial for success in this quicker-faster-all-the-time world.


NZ Herald: Diversity key to survival in fast-changing world

For the Treasury, diversity of thought makes us stronger as an organisation, gives us the...


NZ Herald: Blunt approach needed to change diversity

The head of Westpac says a blunt approach is sometimes needed to break down the...


Scoop: Transpower supports next generation of Women in Tech

Transpower has put its support behind ShadowTech Day 2017, providing workplace mentors to female students...


Stuff: Not just a women's issue - 1 Day for Change

A group of New Zealand's most influential women leaders are gearing up to host a...

Kate Kearins 2 2

NZ Management: Flexing but not breaking

An article on flexible working written for Management magazine by Professor Kate Kearins.


NZ Herald: Jacinda Ardern baby question 'appalling'

Westpac chief executive David McLean says it is appalling that one of the first questions...


NZ Herald: Few listed companies part of diversity in the workplace push

Just nine NZX-listed companies are part of a group of 44 private and public sector...


Diversity and inclusion: why it works at work

Speech delivered at the Women in Public Sector Summit in Wellington by the Secretary to...


Scoop: Leading-edge diversity and ethnicity reporting tool launched

Leading-edge diversity and ethnicity reporting tool launched by New Zealand business Champions.

Anna stove

Newstalk ZB: Workplace bias hindering the success of women

Rachel Smalley talks to General Manager at GlaxoSmithKline NZ and board member of Global Women...


NZ Lawyer: Top firms champion diversity reporting

Three of New Zealand’s leading law firms have joined a pioneering group of private and...


NZ Herald: Diversity key to survival in fast-changing world

For the Treasury, diversity of thought makes us stronger as an organisation, gives us the...

Simon OConnor cropped Apr 2017

NZ Herald: Facing violence, the taboo topic

Simon O'Connor says this country has a poor track record in the area of domestic...

Mike Bush FillWzIzNSwyMzNd

Stuff: Campaign to get more female cops nets police top diversity prize

Initiatives that have helped recruit, retain and promote female officers are bettering the New Zealand...

Barbara Chapman1

NZ Herald: ASB wins Deloitte Top 200 Diversity Leadership Award

Inclusion is top of mind for ASB Bank's chief executive Barbara Chapman. She says diversity,...

Barbara Chapman

NZ Herald: How the government can help entrepreneurs

Honour recipient Barbara Chapman on how the Govt can help entrepreneurs.


NZ Herald: Why Westpac won't be asking what job candidates are paid

Westpac New Zealand will stop asking potential hires what they currently earn in a bid...