Driving the Case for Change

Driving the case for change is a key function of Champions for Change. As Champions, we raise awareness of the business value of inclusion and diversity within our organisations, sectors, and within our wider spheres of influence.

The Case for Change

In a rapidly changing world, organisations that harness the knowledge, skills and diverse experiences of a wide talent pool will come out on top. As technological, climate and financial change accelerate—and people change their behaviours—the risk to business is that everyone around the leadership table thinks the same way, missing opportunities to respond to our diverse market.

Inclusive corporate cultures attract and retain the best talent. Understanding diverse consumer groups makes for better product and service delivery, while mitigating risk is more comprehensive when wide-ranging experiences are brought to the table.  And, in a fair and equitable society, anyone with skills, experience and dedication can become a leader regardless of gender, ethnic background, age and sexual identity.  

As Champions for Change, we are committed to ensuring opportunity for all of Aotearoa New Zealand’s talented and ambitious people. We envisage a new generation of diverse leaders driving New Zealand’s future economic growth and social prosperity.


To drive the case for change, Champions commit to:

  • Challenge the status quo to communicate the value of inclusion and diversity
  • Create and share relevant research, resources and case studies to build on, and communicate, the case for change
  • Proactively share stories of both successes and challenges within the Champions group, to role model action-taking and to provide group learning opportunities

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As Champions, we commit to holding ourselves accountable, internally and externally, for change.