Creating Measurement and Accountability

When Champions for Change began, we emphasised that the group must be about action and accountability—not just more talk. The development of a Diversity Reporting Framework was the ideal place to start.

The Diversity Reporting Framework

As Champions for Change, we have committed to measure our organisation’s gender and ethnicity numbers. When results are in, we will understand for the first time how diverse each organisation’s employee base and leadership structure is, and be able to determine whether talent pipelines reflect New Zealand’s diverse population.

We have committed to begin gender and ethnicity reporting by 2019, and have developed a Diversity Reporting Framework, in partnership with Global Women, for this purpose.  

A world first

Voluntary measurement of ethnicity and gender—on this scale by companies representing hundreds of thousands of employees—will be a world first.

As Champions, we are sending a powerful message that we see diversity performance as an important component of business performance. The exploration of data will create a much richer understanding of how New Zealand businesses are doing, in terms of making the best use of our people resources to achieve social and economic prosperity.

The Diversity Reporting Framework and supporting materials are available for free download below.

Year 1 Report available now



“By championing gender and diversity reporting, individually and collectively, we will have a stronger understanding of the diversity of our workforce and be able to track our progress and hold ourselves accountable.”   

Gabriel Makhlouf, Vice Co-Chair for Champions for Change, Secretary to the Treasury


To measure change, Champions commit to:

  • Deliver gender and ethnicity reporting, so that individually and collectively there is a stronger understanding of diversity metrics plus the ability to track progress
  • Be leading voices on diversity reporting
  • Work with key stakeholders to explore how pay equity issues should be sensibly addressed 

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