Workplace flexibility is an essential enabler for managing the pace of change in today’s world of work.

Implementing flexibility at Westpac


Champion and CEO of Westpac David McLean shares lessons for leaders who want to implement greater workplace flexibility. 

How to make flexibility work for everyone

For flexibility to really work, the needs of the individual, the business and the team all need to be met. We call this the flexibility sweet spot. Building a workplace flexibility strategy and a policy will define what that means for your business and makes it clear to everyone.

Strategy, policy and procedures  

Leadership is important

With over half of the New Zealand workforce either currently working flexibly or wanting to in the future, leadership in a flexible environment is critical to managing the workforce of the future.

Mainstreaming flexible work means changing the culture and practices of the organisation as a whole, not simply responding to an individual or small group of employees' requests for flexible work arrangements.

How to lead flexible teams